Meet the Donor- Capital and Endowment Campaigns

By: Lindsey Greenberg, Gateway Center for Giving

The Center’s most recent Meet the Donor event on December 8, 2010 was a huge success.  Over 80 nonprofits and funders came together at Emerson for a program on Capital and Endowment Campaigns.  The speakers included: Bob Cox (SVP Administration- Emerson), Kirby Burkholder (Director- IFF), and Steve Kramer (SVP- US Bancorp Community Development Corporation).  The Program coincided with the release of our 2010 Dollars and Sense Capital Campaign report.  For information about purchasing this report which summarizes the capital campaigns occurring in the St. Louis region visit our website.

Some highlights from the Q&A portion of our program:

Is there a minimum threshold to take advantage of NMTC (new market tax credits)?
Typically $6-7 million is the minimum and $10 million is the average.– Steve Kramer

Can you consult with IFF even if it might not result in financing?
Yes, IFF tries to be  a resource to nonprofits.  There are no application fees at IFF- we will talk to your boards and leadership to see if our services are a fit.– Kirby Burkholder

How can nonprofits get Emerson employees on their boards?  Is there a “matching” program?
I am the matchmaker.  Nonprofits are welcome to come to me with the specifications of what they are looking for on their boards and we will see if there is a fit.– Bob Cox

If you are wondering what else you may have missed out on be sure to check out our program calendar and register for the next Meet the Donor Program!

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