10-Year Homeless Plan Shows Great Progress- City Receives $8.6 Million HUD Grant to Support Effort

For immediate release: February 10, 2011

By: Bill Seidoff, City of St. Louis

Mayor Francis Slay and Human Services Director Bill Siedhoff today released a five year report on the City’s 10-Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness reflecting significant progress since the plan was implemented in 2005. The report shows that all of the five-year goals are being met or have been exceeded in the first half of the 10-Year Plan.

In conjunction with the update of the 10-Year Plan, City officials and HUD Field Director James Heard also announced that the City had received an additional $8.6 million grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) under the 2010 Continuum of Care Competition Awards. This money will support the ongoing effort to address the needs of homeless people in the City. The City competed with thousands of cities across the country to successfully secure this award that provides funding for over 20 local programs and organizations.

“The homeless service providers and members of the Continuum of Care have put forward an outstanding effort over the last five years, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development has contributed tens of millions of dollars to our housing programs,” said Mayor Francis G. Slay. “Without this funding, our progress would not have been possible.”

The progress report outlined many noteworthy achievements. Some of those achievements are as follows:

  • Between 2005 and 2010, over 400 new permanent supportive housing beds have been created.
  • The number of beds specifically designated for chronically homeless persons has increased from a mere 70 beds to 217 beds. An additional 82 beds are currently under development, bringing the total number of beds for the chronically homeless to 299.
  • Concurrently, the City of St. Louis experienced a 20% reduction in chronic homelessness since 2005.
  • Despite the troubled economic times, the overall number of homeless people in the City has decreased over the past five years, from 1,485 in 2005 to 1,305 in 2010.

“This additional funding will provide the City the needed resources to continue to accomplish the specific outcome measures established in the 10-Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness,” said Human Services Director William Siedhoff. “The City is on track to achieve all outcome measures and goals of the 10-Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness.”

The following projects will receive funding under the 2010 HUD award:

  • Benedict Joseph Labre Center Transitional Housing Project – $298,832
  • Catholic Family Services – $57,790
  • Community Alternatives Housing for Future Families – $211,332
  • Covenant House Transitional Housing Program – $261,450
  • Doorways Delmar – $101,991
  • Doorways Jumpstart – $241,010
  • Doorways Maryland – $752,684
  • Employment Connection Project Homecoming – $176,705
  • Humanitri ANCHORSS Program – $158,811
  • Humanitri Transitional Mentoring Housing Program – $200,586
  • MO Department of Mental Health SCL Shelter Plus Care – $1,465,992
  • MO Department of Mental Health SCS Shelter Plus Care – $688,548
  • MO Department of Mental Health SCY Shelter Plus Care – $374,316
  • Shalom House Transitional Housing Program – $239,053
  • Society of St. Vincent de Paul Project MORE – $288,582
  • St. Louis Office of DD Resources Great Horizons – $179,467
  • St. Louis Office of DD Resources Horizon Club House – $198,278
  • St. Louis Transitional Hope House – $766,669
  • St. Patrick Center Employment Program – $304,722
  • St. Patrick Center Project Protect Housing – $435,301
  • St. Patrick Center Rosati House – $528,764
  • St. Philippine Home Transitional Housing Program – $599,564
  • YWCA Phyllis Wheatly Transitional Housing Program – $78,465

For more information on these and other homeless services programs, please contact the Homeless Services Division of the Department of Human Services at 314-657-1704.

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