GCG Members Are Some of the Most Influential St. Louisans

The St. Louis Business Journal recently released its list of the Most Influential St. Louisans.  These are the people who help keep St. Louis moving forward.  There are a large number of people on the list who work for companies and organizations that are members of the Gateway Center for Giving.  Even better, there are eight people on the list that are directly involved with the Gateway Center for Giving- they are current board members, former board members, former staff, and/or active members of the Center who attend our programs on a regular basis.  Congratulations to the following Center members who are making an impact on St. Louis.

  • Erin Budde, Head of Community Affairs, Wells Fargo Advisors
    Budde, former President of the Gateway Center for Giving, oversees millions of dollars in giving in the St. Louis region for Wells Fargo.
  • Gary Dollar, President and CEO, United Way of Greater St. Louis
    The former pastors ministers to our whole community.
  • Debra Hollingsworth, Vice President External Affairs, AT&T Missouri
    Holllingsworth gives away the telecom’s grant money and represents it on charitable boards.
  • Dr. James Kimmey, President and Chief Executive, Missouri Foundation for Health
    Kimmey leads the state’s largest health-care foundation.
  • David Luckes, President and CEO, Greater St. Louis Community Foundation
    Luckes puts mores than $17 million in charitable dollars to work each year across the region.
  • Jim Mann, President, Taylor Family Office
    Mann advises one of the region’s most generous families- the Taylors.
  • Deborah Patterson, President, Monsanto Fund
    Patterson oversees the agri-business giant’s charitable arm.
  • Kathy Osborn, Executive Director, Regional Business Council
    Osborn has become a force on many public issues based on her leadership of the organization representing the region’s mid-cap companies.

For the full list of the Most Influential St. Louisans visit the St. Louis Business Journal.

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