nineVoices: Local voices… Local solutions

By: Juard van Dijkhorst, Nine Network of Public Media

The St. Louis region is home to some of the most talented thought-leaders in the country. Some of the best ideas are coming from young individuals in our community, doing innovative things to address critical issues in our region.

Take the Vines brothers, for example.  Jeff and Randy Vines are young entrepreneurs with a civic agenda. Their St. Louis based Apparel Company, Stl-Style, humorously advocates for our city. Their philosophy is that “this town is overflowing with idiosyncrasies, and that unique local flavor should be a source of pride, not embarrassment.”

So how can our choice of clothing promote our community’s (often wavering) civic pride? Take a look at what the Vines brothers are doing.

Where new and diverse voices emerge.

Ideas like the Vines brothers’ are at the core of, a new initiative of the Nine Network of Public Media (formerly KETC/Channel 9). Nine Voices aspires to highlight and connect the young and diverse innovators in our community who have the insight and drive to make a difference using video, social media and the multiple media platforms of the Nine Network.

Where good ideas gain momentum.

Community members are invited to submit one to three minute videos to that convey their idea and the impact they hope to achieve. Compelling and informed ideas will gain exposure and build momentum on air, online and in the community.

Where new collaborations can strengthen the St. Louis region.

Together, we can uncover new ideas, discover innovative collaborations and build a network of engaged and active citizens who can create positive change in our community. Citizens and organizations like those participating in the Marketplace of Ideas are a good example.  On January 27th, 17 teams pitched projects that would improve the North St. Louis community and utilize unique neighborhood collaborations.  Seven teams were each awarded a $5,000 grant by a variety of foundations to carry out their project.

The teams’ videos will be posted on, other social media platforms and some may even appear on air. The videos will serve as a tool for the teams to connect with others who might have a shared vision for our community and the additional resources to have a greater impact.

How to participate and share an idea

Community members may submit their idea or choose from prompts in topics such as:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Community Life
  • Diversity
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health and Healthcare
  • Jobs
  • Science and Technology

Nine Voices facilitators can teach participants how to create short videos using a variety of digital cameras and easily accessible editing programs. Contact Juard van Dijkhorst at [email protected] to participate.

Visit to share your idea.

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