Want to Learn More About Our Members?

How much do you actually know about some of the more influential grantmakers in the St. Louis region?  We’re not necessarily talking about the specific foundations but the individuals behind those foundations.  These are the folks that are making the tough decisions about grant allocations and who are often times the biggest advocates for supporting nonprofits at their companies and organizations.

On the Center’s new website, we are profiling a new Gateway Center for Giving member almost every week.  We have profiled twelve of our members thus far including:

  • Kathy Reeves, Enterprise Holdings, Inc.
  • Wendy Jaffe, Trio Foundation of St. Louis
  • Cynthia Crim, Commerce Bank
  • Deborah Patterson, Monsanto Fund
  • James Finch, Pettus Foundation
  • JoAnn Henja, The Saigh Foundation
  • Debbie Schirmer, Maritz
  • Sarah Kramer, Peabody
  • Melanie DiLeo, Citi
  • Lisa Dinga, Innovative Technology Education Fund
  • Melinda McAliney, Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis
  • Matt Oldani, Build-a-Bear

Take the time to read these profiles.  You will be amazed by the passion these individuals have for their jobs and the St. Louis community.  While each has their own personal  interests they support and activities they pursue outside the office there is one common characteristic in each person we have profiled thus far- they want to make St. Louis stronger philanthropically and they are using their influence to make that happen.  Congratulations to these inspiring grantmakers!

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