Measuring the Work of Intermediaries

The Gateway Center for Giving is kicking off a new project this month. The Missouri Foundation for Health and the Incarnate Word Foundation have provided funding to the Center to create a guide to measuring the work of intermediaries. Intermediaries often have a unique set of outcomes- outcomes that can differ immensely from that of a direct service provider. The guide hopes to address two main challenges:

  • Help intermediaries articulate their value proposition through the right sets of outcomes.
  • Help funders understand the right set of outcomes by which to evaluate intermediaries.

In early 2011, Missouri Foundation for Health (MFH) commissioned the Gateway Center for Giving to create a report that illustrates the number, type, and benefit of intermediaries in the St. Louis community. The report – Understanding the Intermediary Infrastructure in St. Louis– was the final product and the findings were presented to the funding community to help them better understand the Intermediary Infrastructure in St. Louis. While the funders were intrigued by the role and overall contribution intermediaries play in the community, they also pointed out that assessing and measuring outcomes continues to pose a significant challenge.

Are you an intermediary organization or a funder who wants to provide input for this guide?  Please let us know! Center staff along with our intern Amber Yun will be contacting interviews in the community over the coming months to gather information. Please reach out to Lindsey Greenberg at [email protected] for more information.

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