Nominations Being Accepted- 2011 Excellence in Grantmaking Awards

The Gateway Center for Giving celebrates the work of our members through our Excellence in Grantmaking Awards by honoring donors who fund programs, efforts, or initiatives that have made a significant impact in the region.  We are once again soliciting nominations from local nonprofits for our annual Excellence in Grantmaking Awards. 

At the Center’s Annual Meeting on January 30, 2012 grantmakers from within our community will be awarded from three categories.  They are:

Giving is ON TIME

This category recognizes a grantmaker who either abandoned traditional funding requirements to meet the immediate and/or emergency needs of nonprofits and clients in the community OR worked closely with a nonprofit to help them realign their programs and strategies to better meet the needs of their clients and the community during these difficult economic times.

  • 2010 Awardee:  PNC was nominated by Lemay Housing for their Affordable Housing Programs and by Grace Hill Settlement House for their Grow Up Great Initiative.  Justine Craig-Meyer of Lemay Housing and Rod Jones of Grace Hill presented the award to Deborah Marshall of PNC.

Giving is ON GOING

Creating lasting change is the goal of every grantmaker.  There is no better way to leave a legacy than by changing the future.  This category includes either giving that spans multiple years in order to demonstrate systems change OR a grant that allowed a nonprofit to institutionalize a program that is now self supporting and providing a revenue stream for the organization.

  • 2010 Awardee: The Trio Foundation of St. Louis was nominated by the YWCA Metro St. Louis for their support of the Women’s Economic Stability Initiative that spanned five years. Eulonda Nevels of YWCA presented the award to Mary Moog and Wendy Jaffe of the Trio Foundation.


In-kind support and volunteerism are critical to helping nonprofits stretch a dollar and strengthen their organization.  Being responsive to community needs often means leveraging resources beyond financial grants.

  • 2010 Awardee: This award was made on behalf of the founding organizations of the Center (formerly MAP) that are still involved with the Center today- Monsanto Fund, Nestle Purina PetCare Company, Anheuser-Busch, Emerson, Danforth Foundation, and AT&T / formerly Southwestern Bell. Winston Gifford, formerly of Ralston Purina, accepted the award on behalf of the above listed organizations.

 For a full list of past winners visit our website-

How to Nominate a Grantmaker

If you would like to nominate a grantmaker for one or more of the award categories, please submit the below information via email to the Center no later than November 4, 2011.

If your nomination is chosen, you will be contacted to obtain more detailed information about the grant and the grantor.  Further, you and one other representative from your organization will be invited to the Center’s Annual Meeting on January 30, 2012 and will present the award to the grantmaker.

Please submit nominations to Lindsey Greenberg at [email protected]. For more information about our upcoming Annual Meeting please visit our website- Registration for the Annual Meeting will be available in November.

Name of Nonprofit:

Name and Title of NPO Contact:

Phone and Email:

Name of Grantmaker:

Award Category:

Brief Description of Grantmaker Activity for Selection Purposes:

(The Center will contact you for more information if your submission is selected for further review and consideration)

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