Marketplace of Ideas Videos

Almost a year ago, we posted a blog entry about the Marketplace of Ideas funding program that was the brainchild of Bridget Flood, the Executive Director of the Incarnate Word Foundation of St. Louis.  The Marketplace of Ideas is a community funding program piloted by Incarnate Word Foundation with the support of other local funders to address the needs of children and families in North St. Louis.  It seeks to spur collaboration between community members and to highlight the richness of community activity in North St. Louis.  Seven finalists emerged as a result of the initial competition and each received $5,000 in start-up funding from Incarnate Word Foundation.  Many of the finalists also received additional funding from other local foundation as a result of the presentations they gave last January.

One year later, we can see the results of the investments in these organizations.  As part of this initiative, all of the finalists got the opportunity to work with the Nine Network of Public Media and be a part of their Nine Academy.   They received digital storytelling training to help them tell and share their stories of impact.  These videos are now available online and we would like to share them with you.  Congratulations again to all of the grantees for doing an AMAZING job on these video.

Parents as Entrepreneurs: The Parents as Entrepreneurs program uses entrepreneurship and community business development as a tool to enhance parental and civic engagement. The assumption is that this knowledge-based and hands-on model will not only create wealth among this population, but also enhance social and academic skills among their children and foster overall community development.

Click the image or this link to watch the video:

City Greens: City Greens is a youth operated produce market that brings fresh vegetables and fruit to the homes of elderly living in North St. Louis. Since 2010, over 300 residents have benefited. The idea of several high school youth, City Greens has developed into a social enterprise. Using business retail models, these youth have connected farms to urban tables.

Click the image or this link to watch the video:

Fences for Futures: Building Fences for Futures is a program of North Grand Neighborhood Services that employs young adults to build fences for homes in the Jefferson Vander Lou neighborhood. The program provides local youth with work experience, a paycheck and a taste of responsibility and local families with security at no charge.

Click the image or this link to watch the video:

Fresh Soil: Urban St. Louis K-Life is partnering with The Crossing Church to re-model eight rooms in their current facility into four classrooms to be used for mentoring enrichment, job skills, financial literacy, conflict resolution and parenting to enrich the lives of high school students in the North St. Louis community.

Click the image or this link to watch the video:

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