Missouri Foundation for Health 2012 Funding Overview

Missouri Foundation for Health (MFH) is in the process of holding regional presentations throughout the state of Missouri to provide an overview of 2012 funding strategies and to encourage community partnerships.

They held their first St. Louis presentation yesterday at the Missouri History Museum and the 150 person plus audience got to hear from a number of MFH staff about the new grantmaking structure of MFH for the coming year.  In the audience were past MFH grantees as well as other health related nonprofits that were potentially interested in applying for funding from the Foundation.

Welcome to the Missouri Foundation for Health - Improving the health of the people in the communities we serve

For those of you who don’t know, MFH was created in 2000 to receive Blue Cross Blue Shield of Missouri’s assets when the organization went from nonprofit to for profit.  MFH is an independent, nonprofit focused on grantmaking, health policy, and capacity building. The foundation serves 84 counties plus the city of St. Louis.  Click here to see a map of the MFH service region.

In 2012, MFH will be putting emphasis on broad areas in which MFH assistance can:

  • Influence health policy.
  • Promote system change.
  • Improve how services are delivered.
  • Support community activities in prevention and public health.
The foundation will be making grants that emphasize community-wide partnerships and collaborations to address needs, rather than focusing on single/specific health conditions.  There are six main funding areas the foundation will focus on including:

Click the above links to learn more about each of the funding areas. Click here for a schedule of upcoming regional presentations.

MFH’s website is very clear about which areas the foundation funds and what the deadlines are for each cycle.  This is a new era for the foundation.  Not only does the foundation have a new leader in Robert Hughes, PhD, but it also has a new strategy for grantmaking. The goal of this shift is that MFH will be more responsive to Missourians’ health needs by encouraging community collaborations and partnerships. The foundation hopes that these types of grants can have a broader, deeper community impact when organizations work together to solve a problem.

MFH staff makes themselves readily available to answer questions about this new funding strategy.  Visit the MFH website to find the staff contact information for each funding area.

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