Taylor Community Consulting Program- Kickoff Event Feb 9th

Are you a nonprofit interested in FREE strategic management expertise? There is no cost for your nonprofit organization to participate in the Taylor Community Consulting Program.

The kickoff event will be held on February 9th from 4 pm until 6pm (ideally a  representative should be present) although projects will be accepted until February 17th. Students will choose projects by the 21st.

These six-week consulting projects give teams of two to four students the opportunity to put their knowledge and skills to the test by helping nonprofit organizations.

Endowed by the employees of Enterprise Holdings in honor of company founder Jack Taylor and family, the Taylor Community Consulting Program was founded at Olin in 1992 to serve the St. Louis community. Since its inception, 158 organizations have participated in 216 projects staffed by over 700 students.

The program includes academic and experiential components that enable exceptional students, assisted by mentors from the consulting industry, to bring cutting-edge business principles into schools and nonprofit organizations.

Many organizations, such as the American Lung Association, Cardinal Ritter Institute and Center of Contemporary Arts are repeat customers on projects including market research and advertising materials, feasibility studies for expansion and the infusion of technology into billing and reporting activities.

The team’s analysis and recommendations can have a dramatic impact, providing you with an outcome-based evaluation of your organization’s effectiveness and strategic insight for long-term success.

  • Students devote a total of 75 hours, which includes time spent in mentoring sessions, preparing for the project and consulting.
  • At the conclusion of the project, the students will present the results to representatives from your organization, Olin Business School and Enterprise Holdings. Your team’s organization contact should attend to provide feedback.

Olin students have strong incentives to excel at their project. In addition to the intrinsic reward of serving their community, they receive a grade, 1.5 credit hours, and a résumé- and skill-building hands-on experience.

To qualify, your organization must hold IRS-approved 501(c)(3) status and have been in operation for at least two years. You submit an online application (including a profile of your organization, description of the consulting project and suggested deliverables).

The Center for Experiential Learning (CEL) staff will help refine the project description to maximize the value of the project – for your organization and as an educational experience for the students – and to ensure that it can be completed in the six-week time frame.

Olin hosts an information session so organizations can describe their projects, encourage participation and answer student questions.

Students submit a résumé and rank projects of interest. We can’t guarantee that your organization will receive a consulting team; however, projects that provide students with a meaningful learning experience, résumé-building potential and ready access to the organization typically attract significant student interest.

The CEL staff will review applications and select two to four students for your team.

The team will devote 75 hours to your project. The students will not report for work at regularly scheduled intervals.

Your time commitment will vary with the nature of the project. A manager in your organization should take charge of the project process, maintain weekly contact with the team, and ensure it access to the data and people necessary to fulfill the project goals. Near the end of the project, you may need to spend several hours working with the team while the students refine their final presentation. 

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