Recognizing Grantmakers- St. Louis Rams Foundation

In this third edition of our Recognizing Grantmakers blog series we are going to share with you an Excellence in Grantmaking nomination from CHARACTERplus that looks to recognize the St. Louis Rams Foundation.  Thank you to CHARACTERplus for submitting this nomination for the 2011 Giving is Ongoing Excellence in Grantmaking category.

Friends of CHARACTERplus“CHARACTERplus is extremely grateful for the very rewarding partnership with the St. Louis Rams Foundation.  CHARACTERplus has relied on the St. Louis Rams for over 13 years to provide support both financially and ‘in-kind’ to help fund character-building programs for the youth of our community. Currently CHARACTERplus serves 78 school districts and 17 individual schools (see attached list of ‘member’ districts and schools).  This rewarding partnership provides resources that increase the awareness of character traits among students and teachers in the St. Louis metropolitan community through videos, posters and a micro-website. Here are some of the highlights of this partnership:

  • St. Louis Rams have granted financial contributions of more than $150,000
  • St. Louis Rams support has funded character development training for 800+ educators
  • St. Louis Rams support has funded curriculum & video used in 10,000 classrooms
  • St. Louis Rams funded the printing of posters, spreading positive messages, reaching 300,000 students
  • St. Louis Rams player reflections (made available on-line via web-casts) inspire thousands of students
  • St. Louis Rams funded an in-depth program, Huddle-Up-In-Advisory, with four middle schools, impacting 2,500 students
  • St. Louis Rams funds Caring School Community, a multi-phase, school wide program helping create a “caring community of learners” that effectively promotes students’ intellectual, social, and ethical development and teachers’ continuous improvement of practice at Patrick Henry Elementary (impacting 191 students) and Jefferson Elementary School (impacting 266 students) in the St. Louis Public School District.
  • St. Louis Rams sponsors the Missouri Schools of Character recognition Program: Seven schools honored in 2008-09; Eight in 2009-10; Ten in 2010-11(15 schools in Missouri became National Schools of Character in 2011)
  • This partnership has developed the Character Fitness program, honoring an embedded culture of physical and character health in schools.
  • St. Louis Rams regularly allows CHARACTERplus to use their training facility at Rams Park to host meetings and workshops.”


Each January at our Annual Meeting the Gateway Center for Giving recognizes grantmakers for our Excellence in Grantmaking Awards.  While only three grantmakers each year receive awards, we get tons of great nominations from local nonprofits who want to recognize the foundations that have supported them over the years.  In our Recognizing Grantmakers blog series we are going to share with you some of the nominations we received this year.  While these nominations may not have been one of the three winners, these grantmakers (and nonprofits) deserve recognition for the great work they are doing in the St. Louis community.

Click here to learn more about the 2011 Excellence in Grantmaking Award Winners.

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