Recognizing Grantmakers- Boeing

In this fourth edition of our Recognizing Grantmakers blog series we are going to share with you an Excellence in Grantmaking nomination from Parents as Teachers that looks to recognize Boeing.  Thank you to Parents as Teachers for submitting this nomination for the 2011 Giving is Far Reaching Excellence in Grantmaking category.

“In 2008 Parents as Teachers expanded the Heroes at Home initiative for military families to 12 installations. The following year the Pentagon wanted the program expanded to 36 sites within 12 months. Parents as Teachers turned to Boeing for help in negotiating the Heroes at Homes contract with the pentagon.

Teacher and students. Boeing provided three of their staff to work with Parents as Teachers in negotiating the contract. They provided much needed direction as Parents as Teachers had no previous experience in defense contracting. Boeing staff worked for weeks with Parents as Teachers to successfully conclude the negotiations.

Boeing has been a major financial supporter of Parents as Teachers for many years. But this in-kind donation was invaluable in helping us serve more young military families. The impact from this assistance truly is far reaching, touching parents with deployed spouses serving around the globe.”


Each January at our Annual Meeting the Gateway Center for Giving recognizes grantmakers for our Excellence in Grantmaking Awards.  While only three grantmakers each year receive awards, we get tons of great nominations from local nonprofits who want to recognize the foundations that have supported them over the years.  In our Recognizing Grantmakers blog series we are going to share with you some of the nominations we received this year.  While these nominations may not have been one of the three winners, these grantmakers (and nonprofits) deserve recognition for the great work they are doing in the St. Louis community.

Click here to learn more about the 2011 Excellence in Grantmaking Award Winners.

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