Lutheran Foundation Hits $90 Million in Grants Awarded

Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis is pleased to announce that it has hit $90 million in grants awarded since the inception of its grantmaking program in 1986.  Nearly 2,500 grants have been awarded to 550 congregations and nonprofit organizations, most of which are located in the greaterSt. Louisarea, during this time.

 “Lutheran Foundation of St.Louis has a rich heritage of partnering with area churches and agencies to positively impact the lives of hurting people,” says Ann L. Vazquez, president/CEO of the Foundation.  “Through our grant support, the Foundation acts as a conduit for Christians to model Christ’s servant leadership, thereby creating a healthier community attuned to mind, body, and soul.”

Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis was created with proceeds from the sale of LutheranHospitalin 1984.  The Foundation provides financial support to area congregations and organizations that, in turn, provide the skill, expertise, and care needed to improve the care of people in the St. Louismetropolitan region.  Grants are awarded in the areas of children’s mental health – prevention and early intervention, Christian volunteerism, congregation social service outreach, Lutheran education, and services for prisoners/ex-offenders and their families.  The Foundation has approximately $3.7 million available for new Grant Awards in 2012.  For more information and a list of recent grant awards, please visit

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