Widening the Pool: Open and Inclusive Grant Competitions

New Release in Lessons Learned from the Social Innovation Fund Series

While most grantmakers are familiar with running competitive grantmaking processes, the level of openness and inclusivity can vary widely. In GEO’s third Lessons Learned guide, they explore how several grantmakers, including GEO members Missouri Foundation for Health, New Profit Inc. and REDF, met the federal government’s mandate to design and manage open grantmaking processes as a condition for receiving Social Innovation Fund grants.

Learn how these grantmakers grappled with issues like broadening the applicant pool, conducting open and timely communication and outreach, providing fair and consistent technical assistance to applicants and instituting new application review procedures, often with partners. This guide offers advice for any grantmaker that aims to make their existing processes more open, inclusive and transparent. Get the guide here.

As part of its Scaling What Works initiative, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations recently spoke with representatives of four organizations, including local foundation Missouri Foundation for Health, that are part of the Social Innovation Fund’s inaugural class of grantmaking intermediaries

You also can read more about the organizations that have been selected by the 2010 and 2011 Social Innovation Fund grantmaker cohorts and see what projects are underway across the country to improve the lives of people in low-income communities here.

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