HURRICANE SANDY RECOVERY AND REBUILD FUND through the Community Foundation of New Jersey

The Hurricane Sandy Recovery and Rebuild Fund is a joint effort between local and national foundations, New Jersey corporations, and individuals to provide support to New Jersey’s communities and nonprofit organizations that are affected by or responding to Hurricane Sandy. The Fund seeks to address the intermediate and long-term impacts of this natural disaster, serving as a flexible source of financial support to local organizations and communities as they lead and participate in rebuilding efforts throughout the state over the coming months and years.

The Fund will facilitate collaboration among the philanthropic and corporate community and will strategically target grants, leveraging the partners’ deep relationships throughout the state and their knowledge of effective local organizations and leaders.  In this way, the Fund can support the nonprofit sector as it pursues a thoughtful plan to help rebuild New Jersey’s communities, and to ensure that the long-term needs of the state are being met as effectively as possible.

The Fund, which will be administered by the Community Foundation of New Jersey, can accept gifts directed to certain communities and/or program areas, however, the main focus of the Fund will be to attract flexible dollars that can be deployed as the wide-ranging effects of this disaster unfold.  This flexibility will allow the Fund to respond to both the direct and indirect impacts of the storm in many areas, including the arts, the environment, and regional and community planning.  Monies will be distributed both as grants and, where appropriate, as program related investments.  

Integral to the Fund’s work over the next few weeks is the creation of an Advisory Committee comprised of a group of foundation, business and civic leaders from across the state.   The Advisory Committee will offer a direct link to the needs in our local communities as the rebuilding unfolds.  The Advisory Committee will meet with program staff from contributing partners to guide the Fund’s programmatic approach, help clarify local issues and needs, expand outreach efforts, and ensure that the distribution of funds is equitable, efficient, timely and effective.

Program staff from the participating Foundations will lead Fund grantmaking activities and recommend projects to the Advisory Committee for final approval. 

For additional information, please contact Hans Dekker, President of the Community Foundation of New Jersey at [email protected] or (973) 540-8443 ext 143.  The Community Foundation provides over $25 million in grants annually to New Jersey communities and organizations.  Through its network of donors and grant recipients, the Community Foundation offers connections to and knowledge of New Jersey’s many communities. 


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