Funders join Mayor’s office and UMSL to create opportunities for student summer employment

How does a group of concerned citizens affect dramatic change in our city? One job at a time.

Youth Jobs Logo


StL Youth Jobs is a collaborative effort with the Mayor of the City of Saint Louis, University of Missouri Saint Louis, The Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation, Incarnate Word Foundation, the United Way of Greater Saint Louis, and various civic minded contributors.  The purpose of StL Youth Jobs is to curb city youth crime by increasing the availability of youth summer employment for the 2013 summer school break.  This pilot program will be data driven and focus on a placed based, neighborhood approach to systemic change.  By helping 500 16-23 year olds find meaningful employment next summer, we are helping young people gain valuable work skills before entering the workforce.

What does this mean? Focused resources.

The cost for this kind of work is $2,000 per student.    To raise the needed $1M and to see the greatest effect, StL Youth Jobs identified the neighborhoods with the greatest number of unemployed teens.  The data shows, they also happened to be neighborhoods of high crime.  These areas are in two city neighborhood clusters, one north and one south.  The North Cluster consists of Baden, Mark Twain, O’Fallon, and Penrose.  The South Cluster consists of Dutchtown, Gravois Park, and Tower Grove East.

How can you help? Visit to learn more.

Together we can impact our city.  Last year only 29% of the city’s 20,000 teens were employed – down 10% from 2010.  These numbers are much lower than the national numbers:  the Department of Labor reports that only 45% of youth between the ages of 16 and 24 were employed by the end of summer 2011. Only 21% of  low-income families were employed by the end of summer of 2011.  Students want to work – let’s help them.

– – Justine Craig-Meyer

Thanks to Uboon2 ( for helping to develop the STL Youth Jobs brand and logo.

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