Giving with Purpose: Learning by Giving

This  week marked the end of the Giving with Purpose MOOC, presented by the Learning by Giving Foundation and Northeastern University.

The course instructor, Rebecca Riccio left participants with the overarching tool that guided the course: the RISE Model, which can be a framework for any philanthropist, whether an individual making a small donation, or a world class foundation.

Thank to you the Learning by Giving Foundation, and Northeastern University for making available this great resource!



“Relevance is about connectedness and meaning.

  • Does the organization clearly articulate and understand the need to which it is responding?
  • Does it know “what works” in response to this need?
  • Is it connected to the community or individuals it serves?
  • Does its work have meaning to me?

Impact is about making a difference.

  • Does the organization clearly explain how it is making a difference?
  • Is its program design logical?
  • Does the organization hold itself accountable for results?
  • Is supporting this organization the best way for me to make a difference with my resources?

Sustainability is about using money wisely.

  • Is the organization’s business model clearly defined?
  • Do its revenue sources seem reliable now, and into the future?
  • Does it provide evidence of managing its money effectively?
  • Does supporting this organization fit into my giving plan?


Excellence in Management and Operations is about having the capacity to do the work well.

  • Is the organization recognized as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity?
  • Are key staff, including the executive director, and the board of directors well qualified?
  • Are the organization’s marketing and communication materials informative and professional?
  • Have I done my due diligence and assessed this organization using the RISE Framework?”


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