Gateway Center for Giving Launches Charitable Giving Guide for Businesses

The Gateway Center for Giving is pleased to announce the launch of a free community resource, the Business Guide to Giving: Establishing a Charitable Giving Program. The Business Guide to Giving offers advice and expertise for businesses in the St. Louis region and is available for download by visiting the Gateway Center website at

“St. Louis businesses play a vital role in maintaining the quality of life in our region. Businesses provide jobs and economic stability. They also provide charitable support and volunteer hours to initiatives that enrich our lives and our communities oImagen a daily basis,” said Gateway Center CEO Deborah Dubin.

While business owners are often eager to respond to community needs, many do not have a specific plan for guiding and leveraging the distribution and use of their charitable contributions.  The Business Guide to Giving  was created to help businesses set up and carry out a charitable giving program by taking participants through the basic steps, from deciding why to give; determining where to give; allocating what to give; and finally, assessing impact.

“In the same way that a business plan helps a company stay on course toward its financial goals, a charitable giving program – however informal – can help a business achieve a number of goals for itself, and for the community in which it operates,” noted Ann Vazquez, Board Chairman of the Gateway Center for Giving and President of the Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis.

Support for the Business Giving Guide was provided by YouthBridge Community Foundation.


About the Gateway Center for Giving

The Gateway Center for Giving helps donors do more. We strengthen philanthropy and promote community impact by providing programming, research, technical assistance, and professional development opportunities to grantmaking organizations in the St. Louis region, and we enhance regional leadership through information on community needs and philanthropic best practices, supporting collaborative action to help address our region’s most pressing issues. The Gateway Center for Giving was founded in 1970 (as the Metropolitan Association of Philanthropy, or MAP), and our members include corporations, donor-advised funds, foundations, trusts and professional advisors actively involved in philanthropy. To learn more, visit


About YouthBridge Community Foundation

YouthBridge Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to building strong, vibrant communities by bridging the resources of generous donors with the needs of worthy nonprofit organizations. With a heritage rooted in children and youth causes dating back to 1877, YouthBridge and its philanthropy advisors consult today on a wide range of charitable giving solutions. Based in St. Louis, the organization offers specialized expertise and philanthropic management services to donors, nonprofits, advisors and businesses nationwide.


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