New Grant Reporting Tool Helps Funders Assess Effectiveness

The Gateway Center for Giving is pleased to announce the launch of a new Grant Reporting Tool, consisting of general tips and a menu of core questions that are considered best practices in effective grant reporting.  The Grant Reporting Tool and accompanying resources are available on the Gateway Center for Giving website,

“Funders will find this tool useful in supporting effective grant implementation, and to aid in grantee accountability,” said Gateway Center CEO Deborah Dubin. “It’s a nice complement to the Missouri Common Grant application, which allows grant-makers and grant-seekers to work from a common set of questions and definitions that reinforce solid nonprofit practices.”

Rather than aiming for a “one-size-fits-all” form, the Grant Reporting Tool is intended to be used as a menu of ideas and questions that can be incorporated into grant-maker processes, tools and forms for grantee reporting.

The tool was developed over the course of eighteen months by a working group of St. Louis area grant-makers and nonprofit representatives.  Sections of the tool address general grant reporting tips for grant-makers, tips for grant-makers to give their grantees, sample questions for grant-makers to ask, and a list of other resources for best practices in grant evaluation and reporting.

Sarah Buek, MSW, Evaluation & Learning Office at the Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis, who helped lead the working group, notes that “Grant reporting can be more than a tool for oversight and accountability. Grant reports that are designed to elicit learning and measure results can be powerful reflective tools for grantees and can be used by grant-makers to measure the impact of their investments, build a body of knowledge, and inform grant-making strategy.”

The Gateway Center for Giving would like to thank the following individuals for participating in the development of this tool: Sarah Buek, Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis; Dr. Dianne Benjamin, ARCHS; Diane Drollinger, Nonprofit Services Center; Melinda McAliney, Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis; Claire Hundelt, Daughters of Charity of St. Louis; Kathy Doellefeld-Clancy, Roblee Foundation; Jenny Praytor, Greater St. Louis Community Foundation; Felice Joyce, Spirit of St. Louis Women’s Fund, Danielle Wallis, and all those who contributed to earlier drafts.

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