PNC’s Funding to Lemay Housing Partnership is On Time

By: Justine Craig-Meyer, Lemay Housing Partnership

When PNC was locally known as National City Bank they worked closely with Lemay Housing Partnership (LHP) to ensure that the needs of the organization were met to fulfill their mission of supporting low-income homeowners’ efforts to maintain healthy, safe, and affordable housing.  Their funding spanned multiple years and has resulted in systemic change.  Their first award was unrestricted and allowed the organization the freedom to leverage funding from other sources.  Their second big contribution was support for outreach and fundraising mailing that allowed the organization to reach more homeowners in need AND the volunteers and donors who wanted to support them.

When National City was gearing up to become PNC, they went a step further and at the end of 2009 sent over 300 volunteers from their bank to Lemay to actually walk the talk of community engagement.  Not only did those homeowners receive immediate relief from PNC’s efforts to repair and clean up Lemay, but PNC left a lasting legacy in the community of the good that a group of committed citizens can do.

And they backed up their work with financial support.

This year, the PNCstaff worked closely with LHP to help them realign their programs and strategies to better meet the needs of Lemay’s residents and the community during these difficult economic times.  PNC will support LHP in its efforts to become a HUD certified counseling agency and in creating affordable senior rental apartments.

In short, PNC is responsive and immediate.  They make targeted and lasting change in community.  Working together, they have a significant impact on Lemay.

Lemay Housing Partnership Nominated PNC for the Gateway Center for Giving’s Annual Excellence in Grantmaking Awards.  PNC will be awarded the Giving in On Time at our upcoming Annual Meeting.

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