Introducing the Missouri Common Grant Application

A Common Grant Application (CGA) has been created for Missouri grantmakers. With the guidance of a committee of St. Louis area grantmakers, the Gateway Center for Giving has developed a Common Grant Application toolkit that will streamline the grantseeking process. This is a FREE tool that has been made possible through the generosity of grantmakers in the St. Louis region.

The goals for the creation of this application were to:

  • Design a standard, yet customizable, Common Grant Application (CGA) for Missouri grantmakers.
  • Allow Missouri grantmakers and grantseekers to work from a common set of questions that reinforce solid nonprofit practices.
  • Save grantseekers time and effort by using a streamlined format for many different applications.

One of the initial advocates for creating this application, Claire Hundelt, a trustee with the Vatterott Foundation, noted, “The CGA is likely to increase the overall quality of proposals because there is now – for the first time – a common definition of terms which will minimize the guess work in key areas such as describing program outcomes.  It will help nonprofits reduce the time needed to write multiple proposals thus allowing more time to focus on determining if the funder’s mission is aligned with their own.”

There are a number of materials available to grantmakers looking to adopt this application for their own use as well as nonprofits looking for assistance in completing the application.  The materials include:

  1. Missouri Common Grant Application- the full length application.
  2. Short Form- a shorter version of the application that can also be used as a Letter of Intent.
  3. Budget Templates- includes a project budget template, organizational budget template, and a capital campaign budget instruction sheet.
  4. User Guide- walks grantseekers through the application question by question. It includes a glossary of terms, instructions, and examples on how to answer questions. The user guide adds clarity to the application process and provides answers for many of the questions that arise during grant preparation.

The CGA materials are being housed on the Gateway Center for Giving website –   Grantmakers can access all of the materials related to the CGA as well as get answers to commonly asked questions like:

Who created this revised CGA?  The effort was led by an inclusive group of funders, nonprofit leaders, and technical assistance organizations.  The group spent almost a year on the creation– using surveys, focus groups, beta-testing, and more to make sure the tool would be as user-friendly and comprehensive as possible.

What if a funder wants to use a modified version of the CGA?  Yes, of course!  Some funders will use the CGA as a stand-alone tool, while others will adapt it to meet their unique requirements.

Who is accepting the CGA? A number of funders have already agreed to adopt parts of the CGA. Those include ARCHS, Cardinals Care, Daughters of Charity Foundation of St. Louis, Incarnate Word Foundation, Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis, The Saigh Foundation, and the United Way of Greater St. Louis among others.

Additional information about the CGA and links to all of the materials is available on the Gateway Center’s website- Questions about the use of the application can be directed to Lindsey Greenberg (314-621-6220 or [email protected]).

We have a number of upcoming programs and events where you can learn more about the application and get your questions answered.  Visit our website to register.

  • Wednesday, August 24– Grantmaker Only Webinar.  Learn how your philanthropic organization can adopt the Missouri Common Grant Application. (Open to Grantmakers Only)
  • Tuesday, September 27– Meet the Donor: Introducing the Missouri Common Grant Application at Busch Stadium (Open to Grantmakers and Nonprofits)
  • Wednesday, October 12– Nonprofit Training.  Learn how to complete the Missouri Common Grant Application. Hosted by NSC. (Open to Nonprofits)
  • Wednesday, December 7- Nonprofit Training.  Learn how to complete the Missouri Common Grant Application. Hosted by NSC. (Open to Nonprofits)

Special thanks to the following organizations for their role on the CGA Committee:
Ameren Missouri ∙ ARCHS ∙ Brightman Family Fund ∙ Daughters of Charity Foundation of St. Louis ∙ Greater St. Louis Community Foundation ∙ JF Roblee Foundation ∙ Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis ∙ Spirit of St. Louis Women’s Fund ∙ St. Louis Rams ∙ Trio Foundation of St. Louis ∙ United Way of Greater St. Louis ∙ Vatterott Foundation

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