Missouri Common Grant Application- Frequently Asked Questions

It has been two months since the Gateway Center for Giving launched the Missouri Common Grant Application (CGA) and we couldn’t be more pleased with the feedback we are receiving about the Application. Eight grantmakers have already agreed to accept (or accept soon) the CGA and many more are reviewing the application and introducing it to their boards in hopes of getting approval to begin using it.

At today’s Meet the Donor program, over 100 nonprofit representatives came together to learn about the CGA and hear from grantmakers who helped to develop the application and plan to use it as part of their grant process.  The panel included Ann Vazquez (President of the Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis), Kathy Gardner (Senior Vice President of the Community Investment Division at the United Way of Greater St. Louis), and Keith Brooks (Director of Cardinals Care). The panelists shared with the group information about when they plan to start using it and how they expect to use it (Lutheran- starting in October 2011, added a few questions; United Way- starting in Jan 2012, eliminating questions, one-time grant requests only; Cardinals- started using it in July, eliminated a few questions).

Below are some of the answers to the frequently asked questions that come up when introducing the Missouri CGA to nonprofits.   For more information about the application and to look at the various forms and tools available please visit our website- www.centerforgiving.org.


Q. How do the Common Grant Forms benefit me as a grantseeker?
The Common Grant Application (CGA) toolkit is cost effective: Grantseekers are able to complete one application that can be tailored to meet the application needs of multiple grantmakers, freeing up more time to focus on mission, instead of spending time complying with unique application requirements.
The Common Grant Application leads to better grant applications: The teams that created the forms worked to eliminate repetition creating more succinct and streamlined tools. The intention is to provide grantseekers the opportunity to tell their story fluidly and avoid redundancies.
The Common Grant Application comes with supplemental materials like the User Guide. This comprehensive document provides clarity on the intention of each component of the forms and offers resources for further exploration and education.

Q. If a grantmaker accepts the Common Grant Application, does that imply they don’t have special requirements of their own? 
No. While many grantmakers will use the Common Grant Forms as a stand alone tool, others will choose to adapt it to meet their own needs. This is why it is critical that each grantseeker research each grantmaker’s application and reporting requirements.

Q. Is the Common Grant Application submitted to grantmakers online through this website? 
No. You are able to download the forms online, save them to your computer, but then you must submit them to a particular grantmaker. If a grantmaker has an online application they will provide you with specific instructions regarding their process.

Q. Will you help me find a grant? 
No. Nonprofit grant guides and many other grant-writing resources are available in the community. We are unable to recommend, or distribute your CGAs to grantmakers.

Q. Who do I contact if I have questions about the Common Grant Application?
It is always appropriate to contact specific grantmakers with questions that arise when applying to them. Part of the reason for developing the User Guide was to provide clarity on the questions asked. 

Q. How do I sign up to use the Common Grant Application? 
You do not need to sign up or register with any organization or person to use the Common Grant Application. Just be sure that the grantmaker you are applying to accepts the CGA.

Q. Which grantmakers accept the Missouri Common Grant Application?
The list of grantmakers who currently accept or will soon be accepting the CGA is listed on the Gateway Center for Giving’s website.

Q. Can Illinois nonprofits use the Missouri Common Grant Application?

Yes. If a grantmaker accepts the CGA and they accept grant applications from Illinois nonprofits then Illinois nonprofits can apply to that grantmaker using the CGA.

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