Get on the Map Update

August 15, 2016

01_GOTM_Main_LogoIn January 2016, the Gateway Center for Giving announced its participation in Get on the Map (GOTM), a new national data-sharing initiative dedicated to boosting the quality and availability of current, detailed grantmaking data. Since the Gateway Center’s launch of GOTM, more than a dozen GCG Members have submitted their grantmaking information to populate the virtual map of our region’s philanthropic activity.

GCG staff recently attended the national Forum of Regional Associations conference in Indianapolis, where we received updates about the GOTM initiative from the Foundation Center staff.

By the numbers: Nationally, 25 Regional Associations across the country are participating in GOTM.  More than 635 funding organizations are now supplying data to help populate the map, accounting for over $18.3 billion in grant dollars. Here in St. Louis, 12 of our Member organizations are now on the map, contributing insightful information about 4,826 grants to the database. This fall, we will make the beta map available at the Gateway Center Open House to anyone who is interested in seeing it, and we plan to demonstrate the map to the entire Membership at our Annual Meeting in January 2017.

Free webinars are offered monthly to help orient potential participants—find out more here. By sharing your data, sector stakeholders are able to more effectively use the online map to identify who else is funding a particular issue in our region, who is working with specific populations in our community, who may be natural collaborators, where there are gaps in funding, and much more!

Questions? Visit and feel free to contact Clare Brewka.


Gateway Center for Giving Launches Get on the Map! Initiative

January 28, 2016

01_GOTM_Main_LogoWondering who funds what, when, where and how? Timely information is critical to understanding the funding landscape and ensuring that charitable giving is as effective as it can be.

The Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers and the Foundation Center recently formed a strategic alliance  to improve the quality and effectiveness of grantmaking nationwide.  The new Get on the Map initiative will offer stakeholders in the philanthropic sector up-to-date information that helps inform our work, and also allows us to demonstrate that our region’s collective grantmaking serves the public good.

Get on the Map encourages funders to share grants data using Foundation Center’s eReporting standard, which is easy to export in most grants management systems.   When a funding organization participates by submitting their data electronically, they will receive a free interactive map which visualizes their own grants. In addition, the Gateway Center for Giving will provide Members with access to a collective map of giving data. Delivered though the Foundation Center’s Foundation Maps platform, these maps will provide access to timely information about the activities of grantmaking peers, regional funding gaps and potential collaborations.  More robust data also enables philanthropists to share narratives with elected officials, civic leaders and stakeholders who make tax, regulatory and other decisions that affect the way our sector operates.

Good information allows all of us to learn from each other, better tell our stories, and continue to work as a grantmaking community to benefit society as a whole. Get on the Map and join the conversation. Learn more here.

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