St. Louis Giving News- Spring 2012

May 22, 2012

St. Louis area foundations are charitable year-round and the past few months have been no exception.  Below are some highlights of the major gifts that were made thus far this spring in the St. Louis region.

Did we forget to include a major gift your organization gave (or received)? Please let us know!  We are always looking to recognize the generosity of our region’s grantmakers.

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Lutheran Foundation Hits $90 Million in Grants Awarded

March 6, 2012

Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis is pleased to announce that it has hit $90 million in grants awarded since the inception of its grantmaking program in 1986.  Nearly 2,500 grants have been awarded to 550 congregations and nonprofit organizations, most of which are located in the greaterSt. Louisarea, during this time.

 “Lutheran Foundation of St.Louis has a rich heritage of partnering with area churches and agencies to positively impact the lives of hurting people,” says Ann L. Vazquez, president/CEO of the Foundation.  “Through our grant support, the Foundation acts as a conduit for Christians to model Christ’s servant leadership, thereby creating a healthier community attuned to mind, body, and soul.”

Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis was created with proceeds from the sale of LutheranHospitalin 1984.  The Foundation provides financial support to area congregations and organizations that, in turn, provide the skill, expertise, and care needed to improve the care of people in the St. Louismetropolitan region.  Grants are awarded in the areas of children’s mental health – prevention and early intervention, Christian volunteerism, congregation social service outreach, Lutheran education, and services for prisoners/ex-offenders and their families.  The Foundation has approximately $3.7 million available for new Grant Awards in 2012.  For more information and a list of recent grant awards, please visit

Recognizing Grantmakers- Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis

March 5, 2012

In this fifth edition of our Recognizing Grantmakers blog series we are going to share with you an Excellence in Grantmaking nomination from TouchPoint Autism Services that looks to recognize Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis.  Thank you to TouchPoint Autism Services for submitting this nomination for the 2011 Giving is On Going Excellence in Grantmaking category.

“Ongoing funding from Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis – strategically focused on children’s mental health services that are comprehensive, coordinated and provided at the community level – has enabled TouchPoint Autism Services to improve the system of care for our community’s children and families affected by autism. Read the rest of this entry »

Missouri Common Grant Application- Frequently Asked Questions

September 27, 2011
It has been two months since the Gateway Center for Giving launched the Missouri Common Grant Application (CGA) and we couldn’t be more pleased with the feedback we are receiving about the Application. Eight grantmakers have already agreed to accept (or accept soon) the CGA and many more are reviewing the application and introducing it to their boards in hopes of getting approval to begin using it.

At today’s Meet the Donor program, over 100 nonprofit representatives came together to learn about the CGA and hear from grantmakers who helped to develop the application and plan to use it as part of their grant process.  The panel included Ann Vazquez (President of the Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis), Kathy Gardner (Senior Vice President of the Community Investment Division at the United Way of Greater St. Louis), and Keith Brooks (Director of Cardinals Care). The panelists shared with the group information about when they plan to start using it and how they expect to use it (Lutheran- starting in October 2011, added a few questions; United Way- starting in Jan 2012, eliminating questions, one-time grant requests only; Cardinals- started using it in July, eliminated a few questions). Read the rest of this entry »

St. Louis Giving News- Summer 2011

August 30, 2011

St. Louis area foundations are charitable year-round and the past few months have been no exception.  Below are some highlights of the major gifts that were made this summer in the St. Louis region.

How to Turn Effective Communication into Collaboration

March 16, 2011

By: Lindsey Greenberg, Gateway Center for Giving

Not much time is spent talking about how nonprofits and foundations can more effectively communicate with one another.  The topic of today’s Meet the Donor session at Boeing covered just that.  Our three panelists- Jim Bafaro (Boeing), Melinda McAliney (Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis), and Amy Rome (The Rome Group)- shared communications best practices from their funding and consulting experiences and offered examples of how relationships based on strong communication with a grantee can transition into a collaborative relationship.

Jim Bafaro was very clear with the group in noting that the “three keys to cracking the code” when looking to getting project funding from Boeing are: collaboration, innovation, and out of the box ideas.  He offered a number of examples of how Boeing has played a central role is moving many collaborative projects forward in the region. Read the rest of this entry »

Marketplace of Ideas Finalists Use Innovation and Collaboration to Address Needs of Children and Families in North St. Louis

January 28, 2011

By: Karl Guenther, Incarnate Word Foundation

This summer, approximately 750 senior citizens in North St. Louis will have locally grown vegetables delivered to their door by the 4-H teens who tended a community garden. Forty youths – and their parents – will participate in a weekly program to help them establish healthier relationships. Twenty fathers will learn entrepreneurship skills and develop business plans to minimize family distress.

Marketplace of Ideas Project Submissions 2010-2011 Book Final.pdfThese are among the seven innovative projects presented Thursday January 27th as part of the Marketplace of Ideas Showcase at De La Salle Middle School in The Ville neighborhood. Over 75 people attended the event to hear about the good work going on in North St. Louis communities. This standing room only crowd was made up of community residents, agencies, government officials, religious institutions, businesses, schools, and foundations.

Project proposals were solicited and reviewed by a panel of community members as part of the Marketplace of Ideas, a community funding program piloted by Incarnate Word Foundation with the support of other local funders to address the needs of children and families in North St. Louis. It seeks to spur collaboration between community members and to highlight the richness of community activity in North St. Louis.  Seven finalists emerged as a result of the initial competition. Each received $5,000 in start-up funding from Incarnate Word Foundation. Read the rest of this entry »

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